Scorpio Daily Horoscope

March 8, 2022

Tuesday, March 8th – Scorpio’s daily horoscope:

Moon in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius. Don’t be afraid to make a scene today. Be true to who you are and if people want to gossip? Let them. You’ll be too busy connecting with new friends and breaking all the rules of tradition by expressing your ideas in shocking new ways. You may become obsessed with a new interest or hobby.

This is a good time to take a class and expand your perspective. Embrace unusual ideas you learn from new communities or groups of friends you become connected to.

This is an ideal time for brainstorming, so let your creative juices flow. This is a better time to focus on nurturing your friendships and making new connections rather than focusing on intimacy and romance. If you are in a romantic relationship, give yourself some breathing room. Attend a social event or class.

In work and career, break the mold today. Show your innovative side and influence others by being open about creative new ideas. Your network may be instrumental in helping you succeed now.

Tarot reading for the day: Ace of Swords.

This can be an exciting time, if intense as well. You are likely to stay on your toes today. Your adventurous side is amplified today. Be bold about your new ideas and help to inspire others now. It’s best to seek creative outlets for your ideas and physical energy today. A change of scenery can be helpful as well. 

Numerology report of the day: 3+8+2+0+2+2=17, 1+7=8. 

Today’s number is: Eight. Eight is a number of power, authority and transformation. It is also the number associated with your sign, Scorpio. You may get into power struggles as you try to assert your authority today. Don’t back down from trusting your instincts. Try to embrace transformation and change now. This is a great time for facing fears and healing from insecurities that have held you back in the past.

Affirmation for today:

Today, I easily draw on courage and inspiration to succeed.

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