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The Universe has a funny way of making sure things line up just right.

For instance, just a few weeks back, I received three different e-mails asking about how readers could get more personalized guidance when they needed it.

This made me think. How can I help as many people as possible every single day…?

Just then, my friend Charlene texted me.

“Anna, is there something crazy going on in the sky today? I’ve had a day you wouldn’t believe!”

I called her to explain that we were in the midst of a Mercury retrograde and there were several other planets that were currently making difficult aspects to her Sun, Uranus and Mars. No wonder she was feeling like everything was going wrong.

“Thanks Anna,” she said, before hanging up the phone, “Because of you I know when things get crazy it’s usually something going on in the sky and now I know for sure it’s not just me!”

And then it hit me…

Every day, there are planetary motions that impact all of us. Astrology is about so much more than the Natal Chart. What the planets do on a daily basis still affects us. But not all in the same way. The planetary movements were triggering energies in Charlene’s life that weren’t being triggered the same way in my life.


Because I have Sun in Gemini and she has Sun in Scorpio. Her other planets were lined up just right to make the day very stressful and chaotic, while I barely noticed.

The daily horoscope is helpful because of just this issue. While it still is not the same as having a personalized chart interpretation, when you read your Scorpio horoscope for the day, you’re getting a view of how the major planetary motions of that day will potentially impact you based on your sign. 

Potentially impact, because things aren’t set in stone. This is the beauty of the daily horoscope reading. It prepares you for energetic triggers, both positive and challenging, that are likely to surface. This can be anything from actual events to feelings or internal conflicts and healing. 

So, Star Sister, I’ve decided to provide you with insights to the day’s energy and potential lessons or opportunities in the form of a daily horoscope guidance specifically for Scorpio women like you.

But I wanted to make this service completely unique and quite personal.

That’s why my “Scorpio Daily Secrets”… 

  • Readings are delivered directly to your Inbox early every morning
  • There are no ads (unlike so many other sites)
  • I take this very seriously to make it as accurate and benefitial to you! My readings are based on REAL planetary aspects (not made up junk!), that’s why they’re accurate.
  • To add more depth to each daily horoscope, I incorporate a Tarot Card message for the day
  • PLUS, personalized affirmation for the day as well to help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities that face you that day.

There’s no Scorpio daily horoscope quite like it!

Of course, I don’t expect you to believe me until you see it for yourself.

That’s why you can sign up for Scorpio Daily Secrets today risk-free. I’m giving you 30 days free. If you enjoy it as much as I believe you will, then it’s only $4.97 per month to continue receiving my daily astrological guidance.

And as a little welcome gift for new Scorpio members, I’ve also prepared a special report…

27 Life-Changing Affirmations for the Scorpio Woman… 

You get it as a free bonus with your trial when you sign up today.

I’m looking forward to offering this new feature to help you navigate your day and live to your best potential!

But that's not all!!

I’ll throw in FIVE more ‘little’ bonuses as well because I really want you to start your trial now… and experience Scorpio guidance like no other.

Actually, these 5 are quite big (you get them free when you join today)

“Moon Magic Book - The Golden Keys To Harness the Power of the Moon and Live a More Fulfilling Life” (yours free)

Following lunar phases and adjusting your thoughts and intentions accordingly can change your life. My “Moon Magic Book” will help you understand the power of the moon, why it affects us so strongly and how nature is aligned with its' cycle. 

With this guide you'll learn the basics of how to harness the moon's energy for your own wellbeing and fulfillment... But there's more!

“Lunar Zodiac Secrets - How To Seize Energies of Every Moon Phase And Start Living Your Dreams” (yours free)

My Lunar Zodiac Secrets will reveal to you how each lunar phase can help you in attaining your goals... What each phase means for your love life, work life, social life, well-being and self care... You will learn to align your wishes and desires according to the lunar phases which will help you thrive in any aspect of your life.

And another - most important part of my moon guides that you will get for free - my Moon Power Journal...

“Moon Power Journal - Lunar Phase Success Cheat Sheets For 2021 and 2022” (yours free)

Inside it, you will find ready-to-print lunar calendars for 2021 and 2022, as well as beautifully designed cheatsheets. These cheatsheets have designed areas for you to take notes and write down your thoughts and goals which will help you become closer to your dream life and help you stay synchronised with the moon phase powers...

Basically, my Moon Power Journal will put everything you've learned about moon phases in action and lead you to the fulfilment of your desires.

“Zodiac Attraction Secrets: How To Attract Any Man Based On His Zodiac Sign” (yours free)

My “Zodiac Attraction Secrets” guidebook, 146-pages of practical tips on ATTRACTING any guy based on his sign! I know you’ll enjoy this one regardless of your partner’s sign.

And if you are currently single, this will give you a good overview of the type of man that fits you.

PLUS… The “Inner Devil Neutralizer” Special Report

“Inner Devil Neutralizer” is a 75-page relationship guidebook, about NEUTRALIZING the 5 most common negative aspects of his sign’s personality…

This is a LIFE-SAVER for your relationship if it’s currently experiencing some trouble or challenges.

Learn all about dealing with and taming those things that are stopping you from growing your love.

Yes, you get these 6 Special Reports Free if you join Scorpio Daily Secrets today (and enjoy your 30-day Free trial). (Plus, you will get a monthly gift from me at the end of each month ;) )

Pay nothing today. See if you like it first. Cancel anytime. It’s that simple.

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