Scorpio Daily Horoscope

March 9, 2022

Wednesday, March 9 – Scorpio’s daily horoscope:

Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury entering Pisces can heighten your intuition and psychic nature. Emotions are heightened now. This is a great time to show your romantic love for another. You may also start thinking and communicating in more romantic and poetic ways.

Your sensitive side is enhanced by Mercury being in fellow water sign of Pisces and you may be more empathic than usual. This is also a great time for psychic development and any artistic or creative endeavors.

You may be struck by how overwhelming the energy is today. Take things in stride. Don’t be in a hurry to reach a clear decision today, as your mind may be influenced by emotion and you’ll need to sift through intense feelings before making decisions.

This can be your lucky day for- LOVE- Mercury entering Pisces can bring out your romantic tendencies. You can express yourself poetically and eloquently now. This is an ideal time for you to let a love interest know exactly how you feel. Don’t hold back, show your vulnerable and sensitive side.

A love interest you pursue now can develop a serious crush on you in return by the end of next month. Keep your affection and attention focused on the person of your dreams. Your relationship with a loved one may benefit now from an affectionate show of admiration and love.

Tarot reading for the day: Knight of Cups.

Romantic conversations, love letters, and expressing your feelings in creative ways are all favored now. This is an ideal time for you to share how you feel and seduce a loved one by sharing your fantasies with a love interest. Even a long-distance relationship can get a boost with the help of some thoughtful texts, poetry, music lyrics or other special tactics that show you are thinking fondly of your love interest and that you really care.

Numerology report of the day: 3+9+2+0+2+2=18, 1+8=9. 

Today’s number is: Nine. Nine is a number of expansion, travel, new philosophies and culture. Don’t let fears or insecurities stop you from expanding your mind now. It’s easier to make friends with others from differing backgrounds and inspirational mentors can help you succeed in your mission now. Try to open your mind to feedback and influence from others who have succeeded in accomplishing goals you want to achieve.

Affirmation for today:

Today, I easily express my love and affection for others and am open to receiving love and affection in return.

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