Scorpio Daily Horoscope

March 7, 2022

Monday, March 7th – Scorpio’s daily horoscope:

Mercury in Aquarius square North Node RX in Taurus. Today, Mercury in Aquarius is in a square to the North Node which is retrograde in your opposing sign of Taurus. This transit can bring drama and excitement. You may face upheaval that challenges your ideas and shakes your foundation, leading you to question if you’re on the right path and aligning with your destiny.

Decisions about work, career, and major life milestones may be complicated today. You are likely to find it difficult to focus on your true message because your mind will likely jump from one exciting idea to another. Though you’re typically intellectual and obsessive when a topic interests you, during this time it may be harder than usual to focus. 

Unexpected changes upsets can lead you to speak unpredictably today. Try not to undermine your relationships because of this impulsivity. A love interest or partner may inspire you or even challenge you to change your beliefs, plans or even reconsider what you thought was your purpose. 

Tarot reading for the day: Knight of Wands.

You may have the energy to dive into action today, but your focus needs to be centered on your true mission. Otherwise, you’re likely to start reacting to triggers without taking into account how your actions align with your strategies.  You may need to slow down and your restless energy will make it easy for you to unintentionally sabotage yourself. Be careful to avoid this. Focus on expanding your mind, creative expression of your ideas, and sharing innovative thoughts and plans. 

Numerology report of the day: 3+7+2+0+2+2=16. 1+6=7. 

Today’s number is: Seven. Seven is a number of ideals. Align with your spiritual values and ideals now, don’t get distracted from your higher mission. You have an intense nature and you can become distracted with feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Try to find outlets to help you work through these feelings so you can keep a clear focus on your values now. Strive to perfect your skills and plans. This is an ideal time to review your priorities and streamline your efforts so you can focus on success.

Affirmation for today:

Today, I easily find ways to align with my purpose and destiny.

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