Scorpio Daily Horoscope

September 4, 2020

Friday, September 4 — Scorpio horoscope for today:

Venus in Cancer square Mars in Aries. Today you could try to express your loving and sentimental nature only to feel blocked or challenged by insecurities. Don’t let fears that you’re not good enough stand in the way of you showing the world how valuable, confident and loving you really are.

You can be a powerhouse of passion, or get distracted trying to compete for someone’s affection.

If this happens, flip the script.

Remember you are a treasure.

If your value is not being recognized, stop chasing and competing. Instead of putting energy outside of yourself (trying to convince others of your worth) make today all about you.

Indulge in your favorite luxuries and passions.

Push yourself to be more confident and assertive.

Try something daring, that fills your soul and makes you feel more empowered.

Tarot Card of the Day: Temperance

Sometimes all the right ingredients are there, but you haven’t gotten the right mix yet.

If your proportions are off, the recipe won’t be as good. Keep this in mind today. You have all the best ingredients, everything you need. Now all you have to do is moderate your energy.

Are you coming on too strong? Hiding your best attributes? Are you rushing a relationship? Pull back and make today all about finding balance in your life.

Notice where your energy is going.

If you aren’t leaving enough for yourself and nurturing your own dreams, you’re losing balance. Today is a great day to reverse this pattern.

Today’s Affirmation for Romance:

I create powerful attraction energy when I value myself and honor my beauty.

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