Scorpio Daily Horoscope

September 1, 2020

Tuesday, September 1 — Scorpio’s Horoscope for today

Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. Today Mercury, the Messenger of the Zodiac, is in a favorable aspect to your sign’s co-ruler, Pluto.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for a while, bringing dramatic and sometimes tumultuous energy to the forefront.

While this placement brings challenges, it also dredges up issues and insecurities that you buried in the past.

Luckily, this is a good day for you to draw on the power of Mercury in Virgo (Virgo is also ruled by Mercury). Thus the Messenger of the Zodiac is in a prime position to highlight details you need to focus on.

Your diet, health, routines, work, and mundane tasks are all easily tied to empowerment and significant personal transformation in the days to come.

You may be able to put finishing touches on a transition or find deeper truths about yourself that you can easily communicate or incorporate into your daily life.

You may feel more inclined to dig deep and let go of ideas or routines from the past that you no longer need.

Tarot Card of the Day: The High Priestess

Numbered 2, this is a card of duality and represents the energy of your intuition and subconscious.

As a Scorpio, your psychic powers are strong and help you to navigate through challenges. You may need to balance your mundane focus with a deeper surge in wisdom and insight.

Today’s Transformation Affirmation:

By tending to details, I usher in dramatic transformation today.

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