Scorpio Daily Horoscope

March 3, 2022

Thursday, March 3rd – Scorpio’s daily horoscope:

Mars and Venus conjunction in Capricorn. Today Venus is in a conjunction with your planetary co-ruler, Mars, in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is associated with Karma, limitations and harsh lessons. Yet thanks to Venus being a part of this conjunction, love and relationships may improve.

That’s because the energy of Capricorn encourages commitment. Even the harsh reality of having to make a decision to get serious about practical matters in a relationship can help to improve the romance. Mars and Venus work together to amplify passions now, but Capricorn helps to ground this energy. You may have the perseverance and patience to overcome difficulties and establish a solid foundation in a romance now, for example.

You may be feeling energized in matters of career and finance. A friend or trusted colleague can play a key role in helping you to advance professionally. Pay attention to your network now. 

You love to be ahead of the curve, but your desire to remain on the cutting edge can lead you to race ahead of others. Pay attention to the process now. Slow down and be sure to cover important details, especially at work. It’s currently better to collaborate with others than to compete, so try to be careful of your natural instincts to try to race to success.

This can be your lucky day for- Romance- Though the sign of Capricorn is likely to bring limitations and challenges, today the pairing of Mars and Venus in this sign encourages manifestation in love. 

It may be the right time for a relationship that has been on again, off again for months to finally settle down. Commitment may come from someone who has been evasive in love. You may have the sudden determination to work through obstacles with a partner and make a definitive commitment to seeing things through, for better or worse.

Accomplishments made now in love and romance can lead to further commitment by the middle of next month.

Tarot reading for the day: Nine of Pentacles.

This can be an ideal time for manifestation and abundance in relationships. You may attract a new love ready to make a commitment, or an existing relationship may become more solid now. Others gravitate toward you today. Be open to making new connections. You may not know how a decision in love or career may flourish in coming days, but be open to following your instincts.

Numerology report of the day: 3+3+2+0+2+2=12, 1+2=3. 

Today’s number is: Three. Three is a number of abundance, wealth and expansion. Teamwork is favored now. This can also be a great time for you to grow professionally by expanding your skills in career and work. Take a class or training and you may be able to advance professionally in the near future. 

Affirmation for today:

Today, I draw love, support and stability easily. 

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