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All About Scorpio Woman – What You Need to Know About Her Personality

Every single detail you need to know on Scorpio Woman. How Scorpio Women behave in love, career, family or friendships. Discover more inside.

Although Scorpio belongs to the water element, this part of the Zodiac is considered “liquid fire.”

This is the river of transformation, and if you are a Scorpio woman yourself, then you should know that you will go through several destined phases of extreme changes during your life.

Scorpio woman’s feelings are deep, intense, and full of excitement. She is hypersensitive to criticism and does not forgive easily, but she is also able to endure difficult moments without objection.

More success awaits her in the second half of her life when she learns how to deal with others and their expectations.

Before we dive deeper into the biggest traits of a Scorpio woman, let’s take a look at the basic astrology of this sign.

Scorpio period: October 23 – November 22.Note that this can change by about a day depending on the motion of the Sun for the particular birth year.

Element: Water (fixed)

Ruling planet: Mars (in traditional astrology), Pluto (added in modern astrology).

Scorpio colors: dark red, wine red, black, dark blue, poisonous green, and always with the added silver, gray or steel details.

Scorpio metals: red gold, iron, steel.

Scorpio gemstones: ruby, opal, aquamarine.

Scorpio plants: chrysanthemum, hawthorn, dark and thorny roses, all kinds of mushrooms.

Scorpio animals: all insects, scorpions, snakes, hedgehogs, pumas.

Scorpio lucky days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Scorpio lucky months: January for new beginnings, March for engagements and weddings, May for traveling or moving, July for relaxing and entertainment, September for solving property or family issues, November for new business and romantic encounters.

Recommended gifts for Scorpio women: exotic or unusual jewelry, musky perfumes, interior décor, rare and exquisite clothing or accessories, or books about psychology, mystery, or magic.

Famous Scorpio women: Ivanka Trump, Marie Antoinette, Condoleezza Rice, Whoopi Goldberg, Indira Gandhi, Grace Kelly, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, Goldie Hawn, Marie Curie, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

The Scorpio Woman

Many misconceptions surround Scorpio women.

The first thing you have to know is that Scorpio is the sign of transformation. And this transformation can be accomplished only through deep and dramatic inner and outer experiences.

The ruler of Scorpio is Mars, and here, this planet is in a fixed sign, in its “nocturnal” or night domicile, in a water element, and a feminine position. Mars also rules Aries, but in Scorpio, this planet is more strategically oriented, not so open, fast, or furious.

Mars in a water element means that emotions are heightened, passionate, and frightening, just like the eruption of an underwater volcano. Everything that happens leaves deep traces on a Scorpio woman’s soul.

In an internal battle between force and intuition, Scorpio individuals can be destructive, mostly self-destructive, striving to know “death” but also trying to overcome themselves and achieve greatness. This is why the energy of the “night” is dominant here.

The quality of a fixed sign means that emotions or events are always significant, they last for a long time, and they are most often filled with high spiritual meaning.

Scorpio Woman in Youth

From an early age, the Scorpio woman is filled with all sorts of insecurities or fears. As a result, she will seek information related to psychology, the occult, or mysterious subjects.

Rather than pursuing “shallow” interests, she tends to spend hours and hours reading and studying people from a distance.

These characteristics make her likely to be an extraordinary psychologist, psychiatrist, criminal officer, businesswoman, astrologer, or tarot reader if she chooses.

Her quest to learn more—to learn everything that is in this world—will lead her toward the hidden areas of some specific skills or even “supernatural” powers. And this is why she will find it so easy to practice complicated yoga, ancient martial arts, or tantra, to be highly intuitive, and to go places others are unwilling to explore.

In fighting her own fears, she will show enormous courage. However, this process will take some time and much heartbreak.

Moon in Scorpio Females

The position of the natal Sun, rising sign, Venus, and the Moon are all extremely important positions in each woman’s horoscope. The Moon placed in Scorpio carries special trials and turmoil.

The Moon in Scorpio is in its worst position in the Zodiac, and this means that this woman will have to go through many misunderstandings with her motherly figure, or her motherly figure will suffer heavily in life and therefore won’t be actively present.

Also, she will go through several major romantic heartbreaks, or many friends or relatives will betray her in some way. People could try to undermine her often, she might face some health issues, and in general, she will have to learn the hard way how to fight for herself and her needs.

Regardless of all those hurdles, once she finds the fire-of-night Mars burning deep inside her soul, she will rise and transform her thoughts, her heart, and her body.

A sense of walking on the edge of a razor will follow her throughout her whole life.

For some people, she will be a true angel, full of understanding and support and skilled in her profession or while dealing with finances. To others, however, she will appear shrewd and dangerous to all who threaten her peace, her family, and her territory.

The Scorpio – Symbol of Transformation in the Zodiac

To understand this position in astrology better, I remind you of the Greek myth of Persephone and Pluto (Hades). Persephone’s mother, Demeter, was a goddess of all plants. And she loved her daughter immensely, as she loved all life on Earth.

However, one day when Persephone was in the fields collecting crops, a carriage appeared out of nowhere, grabbed her, and disappeared. Demeter was out of her mind, and because of her pain, all plants immediately died.

Gods were furious, and the highest god, Zeus, ordered all of them to find Persephone right away. However, she couldn’t be found on earth.

Then, after a while, Zeus got the idea that she must be in the Underworld. But there was just one small problem – none of the gods could ever cross the river of death and set foot on the other side.

No one except Mercury (Hermes), the messenger.

Mercury found her down there and told her how life was dying and the world would come to an end, and this is why Pluto decided to let her go back to her mother. But it wasn’t so simple.

When she entered the Underworld, Pluto had offered Persephone a generous choice of the finest food, and although she wasn’t hungry, she took just a few seeds of a pomegranate. This meant that she belonged to the world of the dead now.

Pluto treated her as his wife, and she had come into her own as queen of the Underworld. She wasn’t just a girl; she was a woman, a wife, and a queen. So, she hesitated a bit.

But life above was dying, and a solution had to be found. And they found it.

During the early spring, Persephone would join her mother and life would start again, and in late autumn, she would return to her husband, Pluto.

In astrology, this is called “Via Combusta” or the fire path, where the Sun, Moon, or Venus enter the underworld and go through various transformations.

This duality, to belong to life and death at the same time, is in the core of each Scorpio woman. Will she be good? Or will she be a dark queen?

Once the decision is made, and this is always a painful process, a Scorpio woman will shine her inner light and wisdom. All fears and insecurities will be somewhere in the back of her mind or wholly in the past. And from that point on, she will strive for and achieve greatness in everything she does.

Scorpio Woman in Love

The area of romantic love for the Scorpio rising woman, as well as those who have their natal Sun or Moon in Scorpio, falls in the sign of Pisces.

Because of this placement, her emotions might seem lost in an ocean of illusion, overly romantic, abstract or artistic, or simply focused on that which is too good to be true.

If her heart is stimulated, she will build up a castle of her love in the sky, whether she has an actual, serious relationship or not. Her emotions will be huge.

Scorpio Woman In Bed

 A Scorpio woman in bed is someone who seeks variety and a sense of wonder, since her area of sexuality falls in the sign of Gemini.

The Scorpio characteristics she presents in her daily life won’t be as dominant when it comes to sex.

She will seek a partner who is willing to experiment and feel joyous, and not afraid.

She will be willing, and likely eager, to explore new places and styles of lovemaking. In her younger years, she is likely to have many partners, perhaps even simultaneously—or if her upbringing or personality is too conservative to permit this exploration, she will simply imagine this life instead.

Scorpio Woman in Marriage

She is very traditional and focused on the material issues of life. In her mind and heart, she can feel secure only if she and her whole family are financially stable.

This is why she is the perfect candidate for being a sugar baby or a “gold digger.” And those terms are not negative—they simply mean the woman who takes on this lifestyle always thinks about hypergamy, or marrying someone up the social scale.

Having all this in mind, the best sign for a Scorpio woman in terms of marriage is Taurus—a typically stable and financially secure sign.

Scorpio Woman in Career

She was born to be a leader. For a Scorpio ascendant woman, the area of career and life accomplishments falls in the sign of Leo, which is the king of the Zodiac.

This will ensure leading roles for her, no matter whether she is engaged in small or big business or if she handles her family and personal wealth.

The Scorpio woman shows enormous discipline, willingness to sacrifice in service of her goals, and the ability to operate with excellent strategy and organization in order to succeed. In those matters, she will shine her full light.

Scorpio Woman in Friendship

scorpio woman as a friend

 In friendship, she is very trustworthy and an excellent confidant.

The natural area of her close friendly relationships is placed in the sign of Capricorn. This means that once she finds someone worthy of her trust, intelligence, and wit, she will bond with that person for life.

However, she can often lack a sense of good timing or situational awareness, especially when she is young. This will come through via some trouble in her close friendships because the simple or logical truth might often be more important to than her friend’s feelings.

Scorpio Woman’s Family Life

She will be a devoted and very organized member of her family team.

No one gets left behind by a Scorpio woman she will take care of all family needs, especially those of her parents and children. Because of the Scorpio personality traits, she can come across as a bit of a dragon, but this dragon will keep her physical and psychological territory safe.

She will stick to traditional values, but she will love variety and open communication in her intimate environment.

Her mother is often traditional, and she likely admires her father for his achievements. And although the background of her family might be humble, she will always be proud of them.

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